Our mission is to support high-quality education in partnership with Tanzanian-run schools. 

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Our Programs




One of our largest programs is our student sponsorship program. Tanzania Education Corp. has paired sponsors with over 130  Tumaini students. An annual sponsorship pays for tuition, room and board, uniforms and school supplies for students with a demonstrated financial need. 


Alumni Monitoring

In order to track the success of our Tumaini Junior School graduates, we follow the paths of all our alumni. We invite them back to Tumaini Junior School twice a year to reconnect with one another and to share what they have been up to since their Tumaini Junior School experience. This project will help us assess how a Tumaini education sets our students apart in the future.



As our student numbers continue to grow, our campuses have to grow along with them. Over the past 10 years, we have constructed over 30 classrooms on three campus sites. Today, the focus of our building is at Tumaini Senior Secondary School where we are adding a library, additional classrooms, a dining hall, and basketball and netball courts. 


Enrichment Programs

Along with the government curriculum, Tumaini Senior Secondary School offers additional classes for our students to receive an enriched education. Tanzania Education Corp has recruited teachers to design and teach Information and Communications Technology and computer programming courses, as well as Project Based Learning courses (PBL). In PBL, our students have written their own graphic novels, learned about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, researched the correlation between maize and malaria, and participated in an expository writing course.



With a grant from Tauck World of Giving, Tanzania Education Corp. provided Tumaini Junior School with a library stocked with books. We have books for every age level, as well as an activity center for students to engage in games and brainteasers.

At Tumaini Senior Secondary School, we just received a large grant to start construction of a library which will be completed in 2019.



Throughout the year, we welcome student groups and individual volunteers at each of our three campuses. We strive to provide a meaningful cultural exchange both for our volunteers and our students and faculty. 

Our Schools

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Tumaini Junior School

Tumaini Junior School, our first school, started in 2004 with 17 students in the living room of Tumaini Schools co-founders, Modest and Lightness Bayo. Today, Tumaini Junior School has over 600 students, 300 day students and 300 boarding. Tumaini Junior School is an English Medium primary school, where English is the language of instruction from the earliest grade.

As evidence of the educational quality at Tumaini Junior School, the School has consistently ranked in the  top 1% of all primary schools in Tanzania according to the national exam given to the oldest grade.  


Tumaini Senior Secondary School

The first three graduating classes from Tumaini Junior School attended government secondary schools. In most cases, Tumaini Junior School graduates were academically well advanced of their classmates and their subsequent education suffered. To solve this dilemma, the Bayos and Tanzania Education Corp embarked on a plan to build Tumaini Senior Secondary School (TSSS) in 2016. TSSS is an English-medium, STEM focused, boarding school which will offer all six years of Tanzanian secondary education. In its first year of national testing, TSSS ranked #1 in its district out of 24 secondary schools.

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Tumaini TX Pre-Primary School

 In 2017, with a grant from TX Corporation (Taiwan), the Bayos and Tanzania Education Corp opened a pre-primary campus to house the expanding younger student population.  Tumaini TX Pre-Primary School follows in the tradition of Tumaini Schools' other campuses and all classes are taught in English.


Our Impact


Tumaini Schools

  • Tumaini Junior School consistently ranks 1st in its district and in the top 1% of primary schools nationally

  • In its first year of testing, Tumaini Senior Secondary ranked 1st in its district

  • Over 1,100 students enrolled in 3 campuses

Tanzania Education Corps

• 10% of student body receive scholarship aid

• 30+ classrooms built


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