Tumaini Schools

A technology and innovation hub for Tanzania
— Mr. Kimaro, from the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, talking about Tumaini Senior Secondary School
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Tumaini Junior School

Tumaini Junior School, our first school, started in 2004 with 17 students in the living room of Tumaini Schools co-founders, Modest and Lightness Bayo. Today, Tumaini Junior School has over 800 students, 500 day students and 300 boarding. Tumaini Junior School is an English Medium primary school, where English is the language of instruction from the earliest grade.

As evidence of the educational quality at Tumaini Junior School, the school has consistently ranked in the  top 1% of all primary schools in Tanzania according to the national exam given to the oldest grade.  


Tumaini Senior Secondary School

The first three graduating classes from Tumaini Junior School attended government secondary schools. In most cases, Tumaini Junior School graduates were academically well advanced of their classmates and their subsequent education suffered. To solve this dilemma, the Bayos and Tanzania Education Corp embarked on a plan to build Tumaini Senior Secondary School (TSSS) in 2016. TSSS is an English-medium, STEM focused, boarding school which will offer all six years of Tanzanian secondary education. In its first year of national testing, TSSS ranked #1 in its district out of 24 high schools.

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Tumaini TX Pre-Primary School

In 2017, with a grant from TX Corporation (Taiwan), the Bayos and Tanzania Education Corp opened a pre-primary campus to house the expanding younger student population.  Tumaini TX Pre-Primary School follows in the tradition of Tumaini Schools' other campuses and all classes are taught in English.