July 2019 - Building New Foundations & Cementing Tumaini’s Future!

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Although we are halfway through the school year, an exciting building project has just begun.  We are so elated that construction of the Form 5 and 6 facilities at Tumaini Senior Secondary are underway!


The completion of this project assures that our current Form 4 students will be able to finish their advanced level education at Tumaini, rather than having to seek out other schools to attend. Form 5 and Form 6 are the prerequisite courses needed to move on to university in Tanzania. They are comparable to the A-levels in the United Kingdom’s education system.

The building project consists of two dorms and a new classroom block. Each of the facilities is being built by hand with materials sourced from around the country. We broke ground in May and anticipate the project to be completed just before the start of the July term next year.

All of the workers employed are residents of Makuyuni, and its surrounding community. At Tumaini, we always aim to contribute to the local economy and provide employment to those in our own backyard.


Tumaini Senior Secondary School is a Science and STEM school, but we hope to also include advanced level history and language arts courses for our students that value quality education, but want to pursue careers outside the STEM field. We expect that the addition of Form 5 and Form 6 will bring our school population to just over 300 students on campus.

We truly appreciate the continued support of our sponsors and donors who have made all of this possible. It was only four years ago that we started with our first class of students! As you can imagine, many of our Form 4 students, who have been with us for over ten years are extremely excited to continue with Tumaini.


Here are the students thoughts!

Magreth Kafuru.JPG

Magreth Kafuru, Form 4

“I’ve been attending Tumaini since 2011, it has given me a strong foundation and they have always cared for me. As a girl in Tanzania, this boarding school is a safe and secure environment compared to other schools. I am one step closer to my dream of becoming a neurosurgeon.”

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George Elisamia, Form 4

“Form 5 and 6 coming to Tumaini is amazing. Our teachers are very competent and well equipped. The variety of facilities is great for students that have varied interests. I would like to be a computer engineer and since class three at Tumaini, I have had teachers pushing me to perform.”

Jeyrine John.JPG

Jeyrine John, Form 4

“I am so happy to continue at Tumaini because I am used to the policies and procedures here. I started at age four and I have been boarding with all my friends for so many years. Compared to other schools, Tumaini is like family. The school cares for us. I want to be a surgeon one day, and I know this school will take me far.”

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Frank Lazaro, Form 4

“This is such a great opportunity to continue in an environment that pushes me to do my best. Ask anyone. Tumaini provides a quality of education that is so good. I learned about making a difference here, and now I want to work in law one day.”

Nice Mollel.JPG

Nice Mollel, Form 4

“I have been with Tumaini since class one in primary. Tumaini has really good resources like the science labs, library, and computer access. These are things high school students’ need today. You cannot find all these in one government school. I want to write software in the future, Tumaini gave me that path.”

Abduli Simon.JPG

Abdul Simon, Form 4

“My first year at Tumaini was class two and now I am in Form 4. This school has always provided the quality of education necessary to achieve their mission. We are disciplined and focused students because of the staff and resources available to us. Attending advanced level will put me on the path to be a veterinarian.”