December 2018 - Dorm Life at Tumaini Junior School

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At Tumaini Junior School, approximately one third of students are boarders. These students live in dormitories on campus where they receive four meals a day, have live-in dorm parents, boarding teachers and nurses to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Most of the boarders go home for holidays but there are always a few students who live full time at the School. Either their home is too far away or their home environment is such that they are safer staying at Tumaini.

From an academic perspective, boarding students have the advantage of having more opportunities to meet with their teachers outside of class, along with having morning and evening review classes outside of the official school day.

A big plus for boarders is that the library is open exclusively to them on the weekends for several hours on Saturday and Sunday. This provides a quiet reading time, a place to play card games with their friends, or quality time at the Lego table.

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Oliver has only recently started boarding at Tumaini, after being a day scholar for many years. Oliver’s family decided to shift her to boarding because her big school exams are next year. So far Oliver has thrived in the dormitories! She says she likes living in the dorms because she is always close to teachers and friends so can discuss the subjects she doesn’t understand. However she says the biggest challenge is missing her family.



She likes being a boarder because the fact that their teachers are always around means they learn more.

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Rashid likes being a boarder. His favorite thing to do on weekends at school is to go to the library and read books or draw.



Godlove likes boarding because he is able to play with his friends whenever he wants